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service to the community

Community service has always been a key part of who I am. Since childhood, I have done my best to offer my time and labor to many important causes. It'd take too long to list them all here, but below I've mentioned a few of the more recent organizations I've had the honor of serving as a volunteer.

I still maintain a fundamental value I was raised to believe: judge a person by their deeds and not just their words. That's why I hope to never be satisfied as a community servant, because as long as suffering and injustice exist there will be a need for us to help one another.

  • Patient care volunteer offering companionship to patients & families with advanced illness

  • Weekly check-ins with Spanish and Portuguese-speaking patients

  • Organized and emceed Out of the Darkness Community Walk

  • Raised over $11,000 for suicide prevention research, education, advocacy, and support programs for victims, survivors, & families

  • Right to housing committee member providing background research for action items

  • Collaborate on municipal housing lobbying efforts 

  • Served as community-based volunteer offering mentoring and companionship to local youth

  • Seven years after getting matched with my little we're still close friends :) 

Disclaimer: the above information is solely intended to reflect select service experience. The organizations listed are not in any way affiliated with Peter Wood for ANC 1C03.

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