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One thing I've always loved about Adams Morgan is that it offers a little bit of everything. Like a lot of my neighbors, my story involves a few different places. I grew up in the Midwest in Iowa, along the Mississippi River, then lived in Oklahoma and Florida for my undergraduate and graduate studies. My first time living and working in the DC area was about a decade ago, when I taught summer school in Southeast DC. Since then, I managed a research project on urban development and violence in Brazil, where I lived for three years. Now I'm an international telecommunications research analyst for a DC-based market research and consulting firm.

Much of my life's work has been based on empowering through education and empathy. I think that makes me a pretty good fit to represent ANC 1C03, an area with eclectic personalities and people whose voices deserve to be heard. Leadership means being able to connect with those around you, something I've practiced for the over 30 years I've been around. In Adams Morgan I plan on leading by the same formula: one person at a time.

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