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Saying Goodbye to 2023

Although the year is not quite over yet, there is a lot to reflect on as 2023 comes to a close. This past month might be a good representation of where things stand: moments of difficulty, opportunities for growth, reasons for joy, and lessons to learn.

Among all the activity in November, three key items stuck out that I think are worth mentioning. A new police chief officially began her tenure, ownership of the former SunTrust property transferred to affordable housing developer Jubilee Housing, and the Taft Bridge on Connecticut Avenue moved closer to receiving much needed safety updates.

Winter holiday season can get hectic, and I'm very appreciative of everyone who finds time in their busy schedules to let me know how things are going in Adams Morgan. Thank you!

It got delayed a few weeks because of rain, but Adams Morgan's fall Porchfest was a great event! The Adams Morgan BID currently organizes two of these events per year, with 18th St NW being transformed into a pedestrian-only roadway during the fall occurrence.

Let's revisit November 2023, look forward to December 2023, meet our organization + business in focus, and see this month's video briefing.

  • Supported (7-0) a letter sent to Jubilee Housing regarding the property at 1800 Columbia Rd NW

  • I was the main author of this letter, expressing ANC 1C is eager to work with Jubilee Housing to design the former SunTrust property in a way that serves Adams Morgan

  • Approved (7-0) publication of the 2023 ANC 1C annual report

  • Passed (7-0) a letter to the HPRB supporting installation of safety railings on Connecticut Avenue's Taft Bridge

  • Confirmed (7-0) ANC 1C's Q4 2023 quarterly financial report

  • Testified at National Capital Planning Commission expressing ANC 1C's support for Taft Bridge railings

  • I recited the above HPRB letter and expressed how risks of self-harm and suicide make an urgent need for DC infrastructure to become safer

  • Attended Ward 1 public safety town hall with CM Nadeau and the new chief of police

  • Signed letter urging DC Council pass legislation to better protect frontline communities from pollution

  • December 1: starting in late November, DDOT is replacing sidewalks on Columbia Rd NW between Biltmore and Mintwood

  • This work is expected to be finished by the second week of December, but no specific end date has been provided

  • December 6: ANC 1C general meeting (agenda here, link to attend here)

  • Ongoing: DC Water will continue installation of water mains on the 1800 block of Belmont Rd


Organization in focus: Collective Action for Safe Spaces

When they began: 2009

What they do: improve public safety regarding gender-based harassment and assault through education, organizing, coalition-building, and advocacy

How you can help: apply to join their team, or donate with a one-time or recurring donation

Business in focus: Metropolis Salon

Industry: Health and beauty

Address: 2314 18th St NW, Second Floor

In Adams Morgan since: 2016

Stop by or check them out online to learn more about ongoing holiday promotions

If you would like to nominate an Adams Morgan business or DC organization (including your own!) to be featured in a future month's update, message me here

See a reference or abbreviation you don't understand? Look it up in my ANC key term index

Don't miss December's video update! Always about 1 minute long; this month's topic is construction


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