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Reviewing the Nuts and Bolts of Governance

As has been the case for many months, violent crime remains at the forefront of local DC government decision making. Adams Morgan is certainly an important element of efforts to improve public safety for all DC residents.

Violence is no simple phenomenon, and DC Council's annual performance oversight season reminds us just how many institutions—both within the government and outside it—have a role in mitigating violent behavior.

Thank you to everyone who continues to alert me of how you are doing. Public input, however simple, is key to improving how our public resources work to raise DC's standard of living.

I joined many other commissioners serving as chairperson for ANCs across DC at the MLK Memorial Library to discuss how ANCs can help one another to serve the greater community

Let's look back at February 2024, think ahead to March 2024, meet our organization + business in focus, and see this month's video briefing.

  • Supported (8-0) liquor license application for Zanzibar 2309 18th St NW

  • Supported (8-0) medical cannabis retailer license for Wash Hydro, located at 2318 18th St NW

    • ANC 1C has been working hard to stay informed as DC's cannabis regulation takes new direction aimed to improve conditions for customers, vendors, and the general public

  • Spoke with the DC Voice about local governance and community outreach

  • Testified to the Zoning Commission in support of a rule change to reduce how many parking spaces certain types of affordable housing buildings need to offer

  • Testified at a Committee on Executive Administration and Labor performance oversight hearing

    • I urged that the DC Board of Elections assume responsibility for conducting ANC special elections

  • Testified at the Committee on Housing performance oversight hearing

    • I called for the Office of Migrant Services to receive sufficient support to serve migrants in DC

  • Spoke with 7News DC about how the Secure DC Omnibus bill might affect public safety in Adams Morgan

  • Spoke on a panel for students at the University of the District of Columbia about ANC service

  • Signed letter urging DCPS receive adequate funding to support students and staff

  • Board of Zoning Adjustment approved request for special zoning relief to accommodate a proposed refurbishing of 1836-1840 Kalorama

    • ANC 1C previously supported this request, which could lead to much needed revitalization of this historic property

  • March 6: ANC 1C general meeting (agenda here, link to attend here)

  • March 16: the Rock 'n' Roll half marathon will take place, partially going through Adams Morgan

    • I suggested a slight route change to alleviate traffic congestion that occurs because of this race

    • Those changes won't be implemented this year because the National Park Service did not agree to the new route, but they may be ready for 2025

  • March 22–April 10: DC Council will hold their annual budget oversight hearings for DC agencies


Organization in focus: Washington Literary Center

When they began: 1963

What they do: Teach reading, writing, and math skills to DC adults with literacy barriers

How you can help: Volunteer as a tutor or send a donation

Business in focus: The Green Zone

Industry: Food and beverage

Address: 2226 18th St NW

In Adams Morgan since: 2017

Well-known for their cocktails and mocktails, don't miss out on their delicious food selection

If you would like to nominate an Adams Morgan business or DC organization (including your own!) to be featured in a future month's update, message me here

See a reference or abbreviation you don't understand? Look it up in my ANC key term index

Don't miss March's video update! Always about 1 minute long; this month's topic is data


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