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New Year, Similar Goals

It's a new year and a new ANC! Following some unexpected changes in the second half of 2021, ANC 1C is composed entirely of commissioners who first took office within the past twelve months.

This means we have a lot of learning to do as a group, but also that we have a lot of opportunity for growth! I'm very excited to continue making progress on all our active projects, as well as others that may pop up this calendar year.

As we move forward to a new chapter, please have a look at my 2021 review for ANC 1C03. And be sure to send any feedback you have; our neighborhood goals are a collective effort!

Huge thank you to all the amazing singers who came out to share their voices with Joseph's House and Christ House! Photo courtesy of Anthony Salinas

Below is a summary for December, a glance at January 2022, our resident + business in focus, and this month's video briefing.


  • Settlement agreement with Juicy King Crab Express passed 6-0

    • These are voluntary agreements between community groups like the ANC and liquor vendors over the terms of their business operations

  • Resolution making urgent suggestions to improve pedestrian safety in Adams Morgan passed 6-0

  • New ward boundaries for Washington, DC were signed into law

    • This means ANC and SMD boundaries will be redrawn next, in time for the November 2022 election

  • Sang holiday carols with many neighbors for staff and residents of Joseph's House and Christ House

  • A set of maps I made reflecting where COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites are located sparked discussion among many DC residents

  • Hammock and flag repairs in Kalorama Park are still unresolved

    • I'm continuing to engage with the proper DC agencies to conclude these issues

  • Wrote and submitted a letter from over 80 ANC commissioners to DC Council requesting they vote in favor of emergency legislation to suspend encampment evictions during hypothermia season

    • Sadly, this legislation failed and put DC residents in additional danger

  • Published a map in Street Sense showing where public spaces have been vulnerable to anti-homeless clearings

  • Spoke with WJLA's 11pm news on how ending the rent increase moratorium puts many Washingtonians at further risk


  • January 5: ANC 1C general meeting (agenda here, link to attend here)

  • January 8: I'll be presenting at the (virtual) DC Climate Change & Resiliency Knowledge Forum Exchange

    • This meeting uses public testimony to inform the annual climate change report to the DC mayor

  • TBA: Several 1C commissioners and a local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will begin restoring the retired police call box at 1800 Adams Mill Rd NW

  • Ongoing: Rats continue to draw the attention (and ire!) of many neighbors

    • I'll continue to engage with residents and business owners to mitigate rodent issues as well as possible


Resident in focus: Andres Bravo

Lives on: Columbia Rd NW

Originally from: Florida

In Adams Morgan since: 2019

For fun: Reading, eating at Adams Morgan's many restaurants

For work: Graduate student at Georgetown University

Favorite part of living in Adams Morgan: the food and close proximity to everything

Business in focus: Bedrock Billiards

Industry: Food & beverage

Address: 1841 Columbia Rd NW

In Adams Morgan since: 1992

One of the hidden gems of our neighborhood, definitely a great spot for pool sharks!

If you would like to nominate an Adams Morgan 1C03 business or resident (including yourself!) to be featured in a future month's update, message me here

See a reference or abbreviation you don't understand? Look it up in my ANC key term index

Don't miss January's video update! Always about 1 minute long; this month's topic is committees (I promise it's less boring than it sounds!)


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