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Long Days, Short Weeks

The past month has been absolutely packed with activity in Adams Morgan. And as ANC 1C03 commissioner, I've been doing my best to address the many concerns that deserve attention.

Among the issues I've been focusing on are park improvement, tenants' rights, and small business retention. I've also received emails from residents—some who I represent in ANC 1C03, others who reside in others parts of the neigbhorhood—sharing opinions on DDOT's Columbia Road Bus Priority Plan. This was one of the key issues I highlighted in my 2023 ANC 1C03 Year in Review and has been featured on the main page of for over two years.

Fellow commissioners and I have spent many hours participating in official and unofficial ANC 1C discussion plus community feedback on the project since it was initiated by DDOT in 2021. I'm grateful for all the public input this project has attracted. The opinions residents have shared vary widely, and DDOT representatives have indicated they will publish a summarized list of questions/comments they received regarding the project, along with answer to those questions.

Ann Hughes Hargrove Park recently received much welcomed renovations. For months, I had been pushing for DPR to spend idle funds designated for this park, and am glad that effort finally paid off.

Now let's have a look back at March 2024, preview April 2024, meet our organization + business in focus, and see this month's video briefing.

  • Voted (9-0) to support liquor license application for Bar Cana

  • Passed support (5-4) for historic landmark designation of the Old Chinese Legation building

  • Submitted letters of support as 1C03 commissioner for D Light Cafe and Andy's Pizza applications for Great Streets grants

  • Signed letter opposing the Initiative Amendment Act of 2023

  • Joined Blighted Properties Caucus, a city-wide group of ANC commissioners working to better address how vacant and blighted properties are managed

  • Negotiated settlement agreements with two restaurants starting operations in ANC 1C03

    • These are voluntary agreements between community groups like the ANC and liquor vendors over the terms of their business operations

  • April 3: ANC 1C general meeting (agenda here, link to attend here)

  • Ongoing: DC Council will be holding oversight hearings for DC's 2025 municipal budget

  • Ongoing: I am organizing with residents and commissioners regarding issues at residential properties controlled by UIP Property Management

    • If you've had problems while living in a UIP property and we haven't already spoken, please send me a message


Organization in focus: Children's Law Center

When they began: 1996

What they do: offer legal representation and advocate for better policy related to DC children

How you can help: send them a donation or—if you are a barred attorney—become one of their pro bono lawyers

Business in focus: Pitango Gelato

Industry: Food and beverage

Address: 1841 Columbia Road NW

In Adams Morgan since: 2017

A great place to study, work, or relax, they also have an eclectic menu of food and drinks

If you would like to nominate an Adams Morgan business or DC organization (including your own!) to be featured in a future month's update, message me here

See a reference or abbreviation you don't understand? Look it up in my ANC key term index

Don't miss April's video update! Always about 1 minute long; this month's topic is ANC officer duties


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