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A new year begins in 1C03!

By now it's probably cliché to say 2020 was a year full of surprises.

For ANC 1C, one of those surprises was a nearly complete change in leadership! Six of the eight commissioners for Adams Morgan are new to the position, including myself.

Looking ahead to a bright future with friends new and old

The official swearing-in ceremony for all ANC commissioners in DC was held virtually on Saturday, January 2. I'm happy to announce that the new term is officially underway!

While the term is young, the backlog of work has already been growing. Below are a few keys items to consider for this month, as well as a quick video thank you.

  • The first full ANC 1C meeting, for all of Adams Morgan, will be held virtually Wednesday, January 6 at 7pm EST. You can find video links here and the agenda here.

  • Two of this month’s items deal specifically with properties in 1C03: the SunTrust plaza and 2412 18th St R NW. I will continue to reach out to neighbors to discuss; the diversity of voices in our neighborhood deserves to always be well represented!

  • Twitter and Instagram users are encouraged to follow me on those platforms for occasional posts on neighborhood matters. My accounts are here and here.

  • Official ANC emails are now open! Please use or (both lead to the same inbox) for ANC-related inquiries.

  • I have several projects I’m working on to help improve communication of key issues. This monthly update is one of them; the rest will be ready in good time!

See you all soon and happy new year!


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