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High stakes, high tension in DC

June 2022 was a lot to handle. There continue to be many bright spots to the year, but uncertain national and municipal political futures leave DC in a tough position.

As we work toward solutions to the challenges ahead, seemingly small actions can make a big difference. Whether that's supporting local organizations or simply cleaning Kalorama Park, our neighborhood is full of selfless individuals caring for one another.

Shared the honor of speaking at SUSTAIN: A Public Art Experience, organized by Adams Morgan artist Monica Johan Bose, on the urgent need for courageous environmental policy

Here's a look back at June 2022, a glance toward July 2022, our resident + business in focus plus this month's video briefing.

  • A settlement agreement with Johnny Pistolas passed 6-0

    • These are voluntary agreements between community groups like the ANC and liquor vendors over the terms of their business operations

  • A letter in support of a pilot pedestrian zone on 18th St NW passed 6-0

    • This passed on the condition that potential disruption to side streets like Kalorama Rd NW is adequately mitigated as part of this tentative pilot program

  • Represented ANC 1C at the June 2022 Adams Morgan Partnership BID board meeting

  • Testified in support of a bill of rights for domestic workers in DC

  • Spoke with WJLA news on public safety and the need for well-informed policy decisions

  • Signed a letter along with 31 other Commissioners requesting Council Chairperson Phil Mendelson advances the hiring process for Executive Director of the Office of ANCs in a more timely manner

  • Signed a letter in support of establishing a publicly owned utility company for DC

    • This letter was from select ANC commissioners, but others can sign a version from the general public here!

  • Participated in the dedication of SUSTAIN: A Public Art Experience outside the Line Hotel

  • July 6: ANC 1C general meeting (agenda here, link to attend here)

  • July 7: I'll be testifying in support of legislation which would allow permanent residents to vote in local DC elections

    • Written testimony can be submitted to until July 22, 2022

  • July 14: I'll be testifying in support of legislation intended to establish DC as a safe haven to receive abortions and reproductive health services

    • More info about testifying orally or in writing is available here

  • July 14: DMPED will host a public hearing on the future redevelopment of 1617 U St NW

    • This site currently houses a fire department and police station, which are both expected to remain at that location after redevelopment

  • July 21: DDOT is hosting an informational session with ANC commissioners on potential permanent streatery guidelines

    • Share your questions, concerns, and preferences with me here

  • Ongoing: many liquor licenses in ANC 1C are up for renewal in 2022

    • Please reach out if you have any feedback—positive or negative—on establishments

  • Ongoing: DC Water is finishing up the replacement of lead pipes on Wyoming Ave NW

    • Please continue to contact me with concerns, as this project's schedule has changed multiple times


Resident in focus: Clotilde Minster

Lives on: Columbia Rd NW

Originally from: Eastern France

In Adams Morgan since: 2020

For fun: Enjoys spending time hiking, cycling, and is photography aficionado

For work: Makes transport and cities more sustainable

Favorite part of living in Adams Morgan: "The urban feel, the restaurants and coffees shops, the bookshops, the community and people living here, the parks"

Business in focus: Habana Village

Industry: Food and beverage

Address: 1834 Columbia Rd NW

In Adams Morgan since: 1991

One of Adams Morgan's quintessential Latino businesses, stop by for great food, music and drinks

If you would like to nominate an Adams Morgan 1C03 business or resident (including yourself!) to be featured in a future month's update, message me here

See a reference or abbreviation you don't understand? Look it up in my ANC key term index

Don't miss July's video update! Always about 1 minute long; this month's topic is parking


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