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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Following a busy July, ANC 1C is officially on recess for the month of August. But that doesn't mean I'm taking time off.

As we approach the closing weeks of summer, there is much unfinished business left to pursue. That includes work in Kalorama Park, street safety, beautification projects, and collaboration regarding package theft.

DC Water has been active replacing lead pipes throughout the neighborhood

Let's briefly recap July 2022, look ahead to August 2022, our resident + business in focus plus this month's video briefing.

  • Proposed renovations to the Kiosk at Columbia Rd and Adams Mill passed 7-0

  • A proposed loading zone near 18th St & Belmont passed 7-0

  • An art project to be displayed next year in Walter Pierce Park passed 7-0

  • Grant to Jobs not Guns for a summit and recruitment fair in Ward 1 passed 7-0

  • Submitted testimony in support of legislation that would allow permanent residents (i.e. "green card holders") to vote in local DC elections

  • Testified in support of legislation to expand and protect access to reproductive health services in DC

    • I was heavily involved in organizing ANC support across the city for this legislation

  • Kalorama Park is looking gorgeous! Though there are many outstanding requests with DC agencies that I continue to follow up on; thank you for your patience!

  • ANC 1C is on recess for the month of August, with meetings resuming in September

  • August 21: 18th Street will (re)test a pilot program opening the roadway to pedestrian traffic and closing it to vehicles

    • This trial phase will take place on three separate Sundays from noon until 10pm (so 30 total hours planned for 2022)

    • Although some growing pains are likely, these test days will help inform any more regular implementation of the Streets for People program

  • Ongoing: many liquor licenses in ANC 1C are up for renewal in 2022

    • Please reach out if you have any feedback—positive or negative—on establishments

  • Ongoing: DC Water is finishing up the replacement of lead pipes on Kalorama Rd NW

    • Please continue to contact me with concerns, as this project's schedule has changed multiple times


Resident in focus: Rich Ramoutar

Lives on: Columbia Rd NW

Originally from: Trinidad (via Hawai'i)

In Adams Morgan since: 2005

For fun: Traveling, anything to do with the ocean. Museums, historical sites, cooking, and movies. Loves cultural events

For work: National events manager with Global Furniture Group

Favorite part of living in Adams Morgan: "When I moved here this was very much a neighborhood. Most of the regulars met at Comet Deli...owned by Syd and everyone knew him. He was an iconic person in the neighborhood. Adams Morgan has changed over the years...but there are some places that I still hold some nostalgia for. It's good that we still try to support local businesses and try to make sure that the community still survives. I feel like these are the parts of Washington that make the neighborhood so important."

Business in focus: Kalorama Pharmacy

Industry: Retail (drug store)

Address: 1841 Columbia Rd NW

In Adams Morgan since: 2017

Friendly staff, a convenient location, and they accept many types of insurance (including Medicare and Medicaid!)

If you would like to nominate an Adams Morgan 1C03 business or resident (including yourself!) to be featured in a future month's update, message me here

See a reference or abbreviation you don't understand? Look it up in my ANC key term index

Don't miss August's video update! Always about 1 minute long; this month's topic is meeting agendas


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