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ANC 1C03 Commissioner
Passion + Proof = Progress
Adams Morgan, Washington, DC

Hi, I'm Peter. On January 2, 2021 I began representing Single Member District 3 in the Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission. On November 8, 2022, I was re-elected to a second term for the same position.


In the District of Columbia we face a wide range of challenges, both unique and common. As the potential for statehood grows agonizingly closer, the role of DC's neighborhoods is as important as ever. Adams Morgan is no exception, with calls to action ranging from big picture (use clean energy, make housing actually affordable) to municipal (eliminate violent crime, pay teachers more) to the hyperlocal (clean the parks, feed the hungry).

As commissioner, I have eagerly put in the hard work needed to make our goals a reality. Thank you to everyone who has done that work by my side. The future may seem intimidating and uncertain, but in community there is always power.

frequently asked questions



The District of Columbia is divided into 8 wards. Each ward is then divided into 5-7 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs). And each of those is divided into Single Member Districts (SMDs), with about 2,000 residents apiece. An ANC is the second smallest unit of DC local government, and each one has monthly meetings with all its SMD commissioners.

why did you run for commissioner?


My entire life I've been enthusiastic about learning from others. And the more I've listened, I've realized how passionate I am about transforming our collective knowledge into a greater good. As ANC commissioner in Adams Morgan, I see a great opportunity to direct that passion toward maintaining a neighborhood diverse in people and opinion. With my experience, care for nuance, and Midwestern work ethic, I am confident Adams Morgan gains in me a valuable delegate to lead the way forward.

where can i check if i'm registered to vote?


That's easy! If you live in the District of Columbia, just click here and search your home address. And if you aren't currently residing in DC, just because you can't vote for me doesn't mean you're off the hook! Click here and see if your voter registration is active.

do i live in your district?


Important question! ANC 1C03, where I'm currently in office, is a small and densely populated area. Its boundaries are 18th and 19th St NW on the east and west, and Biltmore St and Wyoming St on the north and south (see map below). You can search your address here to find out if you are in 1C03 or a different district.

register to vote

how can i get a yard sign?!


Just send me a quick message! Please specify if you want a blue or white sign, where it can be dropped off, and choose one word to describe what you want out of your neighborhood.

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